Dave Boyer, Clayton Lenhart and Yarnell P. Wastler Memorial Scholarship

The motion was made in February 1997 to start a scholarship fund in memory of our past member David Boyer. A committee was formed and in May 1997 an account was opened. The first scholarships were awarded in June 1998. Our annual bake auction is the main source of funding for the scholarship, along with other generous donations made at different events through the year. The wagon and barrel ride donations, pedal tractor chances, big wheel corral at the Club show also go towards the fund. In February 2008 the Tractor Club lost another very active member, Clayton Lenhart, he was a big supporter of the scholarship program and we are proud to add his name to the scholarship fund. In May 2019 the club lost another long time active member, we are proud to add his name to the scholarship fund. The club would like to thank everyone who helps make this scholarship possible.

Past Recipients

1998- Nathan Shankle, Kristy Truitt, Stacey Albaugh, William Blizzard

1999- Nathan Shankle, Becky Eavey, Beth Shankle

2000- Beth Shankle, Becky Eavey

2001- Jessica Zimmerman, Beth Shankle, Becky Eavey

2002- Lindsey Clark, Beth Shankle

2003- Tim Stunkel, Sherry Albaugh, Beth Shankle, Josh Marino, Shannon Mort

2004- Megan Newkirk, Jacob Eavey, Sarah Reed, Mile Taylor, Shannon Mort

2005- Brittany Ramsburg, Nicole Ripley, Sarah Reed, Jacob Eavey, Shannon Mort, Sherry Albaugh, Katie Albaugh

2006- Rebecca Williams, Sarah Reed, Brittany Ramsburg, Katie Albaugh, Nicole Ripley, Sherry Albaugh, Davis Schwartzbeck

2007- Rebecca Williams, Sarah Reed, Nicole Ripley, Charlotte Thompson, Monica Ripley, Michael Toms, Katie Albaugh, Melissa Schroyer, Brittany Ramsburg

2008- Brittany Bowman, Brittany Ramsburg, Cady Clas, Katie Albaugh, Matthew White, Melissa Schroyer, Monica Ripley, Renee Seiss, Shane Rogers

2009- Brittany Ramsburg, Monica Ripley, Courtney Knill, Melissa Schroyer, Grace Garst, Renee Seiss, Debbie Smallwood, Brittany Bowman, Krissy Steelman, Mandi Ramsburg, Richard Williams, Cody Robinson

2010- Kara Carpenter, Taylor Fink, Jason Talbert, Matthew Talbert, Melissa Schroyer, Brokks Rogers, Heather Eagle, Richard Williams, Mathew Ripley, Windye Delph

2011- Samantha Sullivan, Shannen Sullivan, Hannah Hood, Kara Carpenter, Samantha Shelton, Brittany Bowman, Matthew Ripley, Taylor Fink, Nicole Hood, Luke Hooper, Jason Talbert, Mandi Ramsburg, Patrick Ransom

2012- Taylor Fink, Nicole Hood, Mathew Ripley, Kara Carpenter

2013-Taylor Fink, Mandi Ramsburg, Andrew Driver, Lauren Hooper, Luke Hooper

2014-Andrew Driver, Adam Flanick, Levi Hooper, Emily White

2015-Adam Flanick, Andrew Driver, Alison Boyer, Levi Hooper, Emily White

2016- Adam Flanick, Levi Hooper, Emily White

2017- Amelia Summers, Levi Hooper

2018- Katie Rosenberger, Luke Gladhill, Henry Brunnett 

2019 - Henry Brunnett