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2020 Classic Tractor Pulling Rules

 All Rules Are Binding( as of 2/6/2020 classes are  still waiting for sponsorship. If you have a need for sponsorship info email us or contact Jeremiah or Pat)


4 Mile per hour – 2,500lb, 3,000lb, 3,200lb, 4,250lb, 5,000lb, 6,000lb, 7,000lb, 8,000lb, 9,000lb 10,000lb

5 Mile per hour - 3,500lb, 5,500lb, 7,500lb with 4 MPH Rules

8 Mile per hour - 3,500lb, 4,500lb, 5,500lb and 6,500lb

1) Safety First! The board of directors has the right to enforce all safety rules.

2) Operators pull at their own risk.

3) No alcohol or drugs permitted!!!

4) All competitors MUST be a CLUB MEMBER.  To receive points, dues must be paid by the end of the first pull. Pullers must be 16 Years of age, under 16 years of age is allowed with parental consent and with the approval of track official.  Checks will be accepted as a form of payment. Once the club is presented with an insufficient fund check, checks from that person(s) will no longer be accepted.

5) Before hooking tractor to the sled and after pull when unhooking, the tractor must be in neutral and driver must raise his/her hands in the air. Driver is to remain in this position until person hooking the sled to tractor indicates he has completed the hook-up. Allowances will be made for tractors with hand clutches and hand brakes allowing the operator to use one hand.

6) First puller in each class is a test puller and has the option to drop to third position. Driver must tell the track official before leaving the track if he/she wants to pull in third position. Test puller may return in third position if disqualified for out-of-bounds or dropped weights or speeding in the first attempt.

7) When a driver starts the pull, if he stops within 50 feet, they may have one additional attempt to pull. (Except Pull-Off)

8) Duration of pull: any time tractor is hooked to sled.

9) Drivers must be seated at all times while pulling.

10) Side boundary lines will be marked: if a tractor touches the white line - disqualified.

11) Track officials and/or Flag Person make the final decisions!!!

12) Tractors must be produced 1972 or older.

13) Gasoline, diesel, or propane is the only fuel permitted, and will only be allowed one type of fuel at a time.

14) Gas tractor’s and the like must be naturally aspirated and have a single updraft carburetor, Diesels must be NON-TURBO

15) Engine or replacement engine must be of or for the same make as the tractor being pulled. It must have the same amount of cylinders & must bolt in as original with no modifications to the frame, hood and grill.


1,500 on JOHN DEERE 2 Cylinders

3,000 on 4 and 6 Cylinders

All operators are responsible to check their own tractors and to see that they comply with standards posted in the trailer using the CMATC tachometer. Track official has the option to have RPMs checked before the tractor leaves the track.

17) All exhaust pipes must be straight up.

18) All tractors must have working brakes.

19) All weight classes will allow 100 lbs. above the weight limit for scale variance.

20) Any part falling off will result in disqualification.

21) Maximum drawbar height of 20" to top of hook point, rigid in all directions.

22) Minimum drawbar length 18" parallel from center of axle to hitch point.

23) Weights must not extend rearward beyond rear tires and cannot be more than 24" from front point of tractor.


3,000lb-5,000lb 15.5x38, 16.9x34, 18.4x26 or 180 sq. inch foot print

5,500lb - 10,000lb 16.9x38, 23.1x26, 18.4x38, 20.8x34 or smaller.


26) SPEED LIMITS: 4 MPH Classes, 8 MPH Classes, & 5 MPH Classes

First sound of horn will be warning of excessive speed. Driver must slow to stop horn immediately. Second sound of horn will be disqualification. NO speed monitoring devices allowed in 4MPH or 5MPH classes.

27) Wheelie Bars, Kill Switches, and Side Panels are MANDATORY on 8 MPH tractors.

28)To RECEIVE POINTS Wheelie Bars will be MANDATORY.  If wheelie bars are not present, draw bar will be set at maximum height of 18” from the ground with all other hitch rules applying, the use of a front measuring chain (12” drag placed at 12” from center of front axle)

29) External Protest: Person protesting must pull in class that tractor protested is pulling in; His or her tractor will be inspected first.

30) Any tractor taking over the lead, including first measurable hook, must rescale ( weight and drawbar) immediately after leaving the track when informed by track official before tractor leaves the track.

31) Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated!!! Offenders will be asked to leave the event immediately without refund. This is not negotiable.

Wheelie Bar Specifications

1)The wheelie (stabilizer) bar system must be able to support the weight of the tractor in the heaviest class pulled. May be tested by jacking up the pads so the tractor is completely off the ground to prove the system has adequate support ability.

2)The 5” x 5” pad must extend past the rear most point of the tire. The pad must not be more than 10 inches off the ground.

3)The pad must be a minimum of 5 inches square with a minimum of 20 inches allowed from the outside of one pad to the outside of the other pad. No wheels are permitted. The pad must be positioned on the bottom of the stabilizer bar and be parallel to the ground.

4)Wheelie bar and the bar assembly is not to be mounted to the drawbar and drawbar assembly.

5) Standard & Wheatland Style Tractors may mount Wheelie Bars to Drawbar assembly as long as drawbar is stock or to NATPA division 4 standards.

Let’s Have Fun!!!!!!