Welcome to Central Maryland Antique Tractor Club


 The meeting scheduled for May 28th is canceled. A final decision on the June 13th pull will be made by May 29th and we will let you know.  The board is also considering  doing some type of event in the Fall, if possible. 

About Us

The Central Maryland Antique Tractor Club

is a nonprofit organization founded on September 1st, 1977.The club is defined in the by-laws as a corporation that shall be composed of members having the desire to promote the restoration, preservation, and use of antique tractors and machinery in activities which are educational in nature and the sport of tractor pulling, and improving the standard of community through providing education, interest and general participation in these activities. Today the club consists of over one hundred members, headed by our President -Jeremiah Herbst, Vice President - Jad Drake, Secretary - Patricia Herbst, Treasurer - Carla Brown, and the Board of Directors - Mark Ahalt, Hatton Brown Jr., Henry Brunnet,  and Jr. Director Mason Drake.

Every year we hold our annual Toy Show & Auction in February and summer Tractor Show in June. The club also puts on antique tractor pulls through out the year at local Steam and Gas Shows. The classes range from 2,500lbs to 10,000lbs stock and four open classes plus this year we have added two classic classes. Club members accumulate points through the season and are awarded at the annual banquet in November. The Proceeds the club brings in through our events are donated back to local 4H and FFA.

A scholarship foundation was started to support students in remembrance of two of our past members Dave Boyer and Clayton Lenhart. Each year we donate money to applicants that are sponsored by one of our club members and reviewed by a committee. We keep the fund going through donations made by the community and through a cake auction held at our June Tractor show.

The club also sponsors the Walter Eaves and McComas Albaugh Memorial Restoration Award. Each year club members enter pictures of either tractors or gas engines that are in need of restoration and at one of the final shows in October the entrees are judged and the winners are announced at our annual banquet in November.

There is also the Joe Ferrell/ Yarnell P. Wastler Memorial Award given out every year to a club member voted for by other club members for being the most sportsman like and helpful through the year, the over all good guy or girl.

For those first year pullers, The Bill Anders Memorial is awarded to one of the new pullers, whether it is a new club member or an old club member that decided to pull.

For those with best pulling record, The Bill Barnes Memorial award is given to the ones with the best pulling record of the year.